Adventures In Eating: Cheese, part 2: Developing your palette


Last week we discussed a number of facts about one of the oldest foods created and eaten on this planet. I related a story about Mr. Ed Edelman of The Ideal Cheese Shop in New York. Out of curiosity, I emailed The Ideal Cheese Shop. The reply to my email said that Mr. Edelman was living happily and healthily in Florida.

Cheese: A short primer


As early as 1500 BC, cheese was an established food. The Romans were very adept at making many different kinds of cheese. It is said that more than 600 kinds of Cheddar cheese are made in Britain alone. General, and later president of France, Charles de Gaulle said in 1962, “How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?”

Adventures in Eating: Authentic ‘Frozen’ food fears for birthday bash


A principle that has always been of paramount importance to me in my work is authenticity. If I wrote on a menu that the entree was a French Cassoulet, then it would have sausages, duck, a bread crust and other essential ingredients. Although the sausages might be American made, they would be as close to the French ones as possible.


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