NBA caves to China

Two thoughts about the fuss between China and the NBA: It’s ridiculous that a tweet supporting freedom in Hong Kong would upset the Chinese the way it has, but the pro basketball league’s commissioner looks even more ridiculous as he grovels before a huge foreign market.

If newspapers go, so does U.S. freedom

The unprecedented success of the United States, sustained for more than 243 years, certainly has many causes. For one, a people who believe in freedom, equality and following the law is crucial. Without a populace who respects those ideals, any rules the government makes to try to promote them aren’t going to work in the long run.

How to avoid hitting deer

The thermometer isn’t showing it yet — Monday, which marked the end of September, was yet another hot, summer-like day — but the weather is going to cool off soon and the sun will be setting earlier as the calendar moves toward winter.


Too hot for games

The college football world tends to listen to Alabama’s six-time national championship coach Nick Saban. Let’s hope it heeds his complaint about playing early-season games in the daytime in the South, where temperatures can be in the 90s through most of September.



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