Body cams make good public policy

Most of the time, it seems, technology causes more harm than good. Smartphones are doing their best to destroy the minds of an entire generation of youth, as well as contributing to obesity and fraud epidemics. Few could possibly say our society is better off than it was 20 years ago before the internet revolution.

Court avoids issue

Clarence Thomas is correct to criticize his colleagues on the U.S. Supreme Court for dodging a definitive opinion on whether abortion on demand must remain the law of the land.

Water Park plays key role in county

It’s good news that disc golf returned this week to the Columbia Water Park after participants in the growing sport and the Marion County Board of Supervisors met and came to an agreement about guidelines to follow. As the only such disc golf course in the area, it has potential to bring people into the community.


Greatness born in the grind

Robert F. Smith is a billionaire hedge fund operator whom few Americans had heard of before this week. That is changing, as his surprising pledge at Sunday’s Morehouse College commencement ceremony in Atlanta is making national news and virtually guarantees he’ll be in high demand as a future graduation speaker.



The stage is set for an undefeated matchup between West Marion and Columbia Thursday as both won... READ MORE