How will $3 trillion more be paid?

Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic majority in the U.S. House of Representatives have no problem detailing how they want to spend $3 trillion in additional relief from the COVID-19 pandemic.

What they struggle with is explaining how the country will pay for it — so much so, that they don’t even seem to bother trying.

A final note about Red Bluff

Our editorial last week advocating developing Red Bluff into a public recreation facility received some feedback along these lines: Making it public will screw it up for everyone, so just leave things how they are.

But the problem with that approach is that it only temporarily avoids the real problem.

Nobility in community banking

Most of us remember the Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” for its message about the difference one person can make if they do the right thing.

But a smaller theme of the 1946 Jimmy Stewart film is the impact a lending institution can have when it is committed to the success of its customers.

Red Bluff needs to be developed

We don’t judge the masses who have gathered at Red Bluff near Morgantown in recent days. After weeks of being cooped up at home, people need time outdoors for their mental and physical health.

The threat of spreading the coronavirus is far less outdoors than indoors because it can’t survive long outside.

Cities facing layoff choices

Columbia and many cities like it in Mississippi will soon be facing the difficult decisions that private businesses in their communities have already grappled with.

That's because there's a two-month lag between when sales are made in stores and when municipalities receive their cut of the sales tax.


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