Christmas fun for CA students


Imagine going to a house filled with everything Christmas and ending your visit having cookies and punch with Santa.

That dream came true for dozens of young students from Columbia Academy recently. The children visited the Lakeview home of self-described “Christmasaholics” Paula and Kim Ramshur. The K-3, K-4, K-5 and first-grade classes visited over the course of several days.

The Ramshurs have been known for their decorations, which take months to prepare. Outside, thousands of lights, inflatables and cutouts fill the yard. Inside, hundreds of Santas, snowmen and ornaments adorn the home. There is even a Santa Claus shower curtain in the bathroom.

“The Santas, snowmen and trees number in the hundreds,” Kim Ramshur said as he was preparing to greet a busload of children. “We even added an elf tree this year. We’re always adding something.”

The students entered the home and sang Christmas carols along with some of the musical decorations. Room by room they were treated to a visual extravaganza. The event ended in the “snowman room,” where Santa came to visit and share cookies and punch with each group.

“I started a little earlier this year because we were taking vacation, so I began in October,” Paula said. “We have themes for every room. I have one room that is a nativity and angel room, so that’s all that we will have in there. The tree is in red and gold.”

The Ramshurs are organized and know what room will have a distinct theme each year.

“I have everything packed away in totes and they are labeled,” Paula said. “It’s easy once we get it out to know what we’re going to be doing. We’ve always decorated, but we do it bigger now. We’re Christmasaholics.”

The Ramshurs also enjoy hosting Christmas gatherings.

“We have at least two for church here,” Paula concluded. “We dress up, and we enjoy having them here. We really had fun letting the children come through the house. We just love Christmas.”


Pictured Above: Santa’s visit was a big hit with Columbia Academy students who came to see the decorations at the Ramshur house in Lakeview recently. | Photo by Mark Rogers