Road Assist 24 is here to help


Since its inception in November 2016 in Picayune, Road Assist 24’s main goal has been to help people

The towing and roadside assistance company located at 529 Pearl St. in Columbia is owned and operated by Bryce Hanna. Hanna’s dad used to own a body shop and ran wreckers his whole life. Hanna was stuck working an 8-to-5 job that didn’t excite him so his dad pointed him in the direction of running his own towing company, and he made his way to Columbia.

“From Picayune, all of my calls were in Columbia. All of the business was up here so I moved where the business was,” he said.

Road Assist 24 has two Ford F-550 tow trucks in service at all times, and Hanna is joined by three employees.

“When the phone rings, we’re gone,” Hanna said. “We have a digital dispatch system, and they will call me and give me all of their information. I put it in my phone and send it out to whatever driver is going to go out to the scene, then we do it all. We do tows, jump starts, tire changes, lockouts, fuel deliveries — if you’re on the side of the road and you need it, we can do it except for mobile repairs.”

Hanna said Road Assist 24’s customer service is what sets it apart from similar businesses.

“Everybody I have working for me has a wonderful, outgoing personality,” he said. “There was just something about them, and I clicked with them right away. I like to think I’m a friendly and outgoing person, and they’re right there with me. They go out of their way to give anybody anything. They would give the shirts off their backs.”

Road Assist 24 prides itself on always being as friendly and quick as possible.

“You have to have fast ETAs and have to get on scene,” Hanna said. “The customer is always right. I’d like to say we have the fairest rates in town as well. We just try to help everyone out.”

For Road Assist 24 a successful day begins and ends with helping people, according to Hanna.

“If I have a day sitting around doing nothing, it kind of hurts my feelings. That’s the whole reason I got into it was to help people,” he said. “In my 8-to-5 I sat there crushing papers all day, and that wasn’t a real job and I didn’t get anything done. With this I get people off the side of the road and help them get out of trouble and get them out of tight spots. That’s how I view success.”

Hanna said he would like to grow Road Assist 24’s reach and establish branches in Hattiesburg and potentially the Coast as the company progresses, but he will never leave Marion County.

“I can’t leave Columbia, though. The town has been very good to me,” he said.

Road Assist 24 can be reached at (601) 574-2191 and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

“There are no holidays for us,” Hanna said. “We started running for insurance companies, and to get started that’s what it was: 24/7. We had to pick up the scraps and working our way up the ladder to get all of the calls. We get calls in the middle of the night and calls on Christmas. It’s whenever.” 


Pictured Above: Road Assist 24 not only offers towing services but full-service roadside assistance, including jump starts, tire changes, lockouts and fuel deliveries. The business is owned and operated by Bryce Hanna. | Photo by Joshua Campbell