Tina’s Garden Spot has fresh produce, seafood


Tina’s Garden Spot, located at 2007 U.S. 98 W. in Foxworth, has provided Marion County with the best and freshest produce for more than 30 years.

Tina’s specializes in fresh vegetables and fruits and also has a variety of seafood. What makes Tina’s special is that many of its products are not only local but are grown by the owners.

“We grow a lot of it,” owner Tina McNabb said. “We have a garden right out back. What we don’t grow or if we need more, we try to get local products. We always try to get the homegrown stuff as much as possible.”

McNabb added with all of the big corporations and chain stores spread across the country, there aren’t many places left like Tina’s.

“A lot of the grocery stores, their stuff is shipped in from overseas and everywhere. They get it from wherever they can get it from. We keep it right here,” she said.

The business actually started as Garner’s Produce on Mississippi 35 South with McNabb’s father, Wilborn Garner, operating a produce stand in his front yard. When he passed away in 2009, McNabb reopened it as Tina’s Garden Spot.

Tina’s is still family owned and is operated by McNabb, her son, Nicholas, husband, Ricky, and good family friend Mavis McGill.

“We all pitch in as a family and help out,” McNabb said. “We take a lot of pride in being a family-owned business. We always try to satisfy our customers and keep them happy. We greet them with a smile and make sure they get what they need.”

Some of the most popular products are Tina’s lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers, but the business’s seafood is also in high demand.

“We do boiled crawfish, boiled shrimp and even have fresh catfish,” McNabb said. “The crawfish comes from Louisiana. Our shrimp is Gulf Coast shrimp, and we get it through a company in Picayune. And our catfish is river catfish out of the Pearl River.”

The crawfish is boiled with a family recipe of Garner’s that has been passed down to McNabb and earned a stellar reputation around town.

“We have the best crawfish in town,” McGill said. “That’s what everybody tells us. We have a lot of people from Louisiana come up here to get ours.”

In the fall is when Tina’s is stocked with Louisiana produce such as fresh greens, oranges, satsumas, lemons and others.

Tina’s Garden Spot is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. and can be reached at (601) 736-2020. 


Pictured Above: Tina’s Garden Spot in Foxworth specializes in local fruits and vegetables as well as seafood. From left are owner Tina McNabb, Nicholas McNabb and Mavis McGill. | Photo by Joshua Campbell

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