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Martha “Mott” Warren Bell joined the Navy to see the world: instead she saw Kingsville, Texas. Bell, 97, of Sandy Hook, enlisted in January 1942.
The closest he’s ever come to dying, Henry O. Johnson says, was during a typhoon in Okinawa in 1945.
In a time where most people are staying home in an effort to flatten the curve of the coronavirus, some Marion County women are using their time to help Marion General Hospital.
Effective immediately, visitors to the Marion County Courthouse must call the office they are needing to receive instructions on how they can be served without having to enter the courthouse.
In this photo provided by Carol Durham of the Marion County Museum and Archives, the 1943 Columbia High School basketball team is pictured as seen in the school's annual. From left are Coach W.L.

Iran learns the hard way

Whatever economic toll Mississippi and the United States suffer from shutting down businesses to prevent spread of the coronavirus, Iran’s example shows that it’s better than the alternative of letting the disease ride roughshod over an untreated population.