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(This week The Columbian-Progress spotlights Walmart’s Steven Mercier.)


Q: When and where were you born?

A: I was born Aug. 6, 1996, at Wesley Medical Center.


A day after Marion General Hospital held an active shooter drill, a woman opened fire at a Maryland drugstore distribution center, killing three people.

Police make arrests morning after smash-and-grabs

Two Jackson men were arrested early Wednesday after a car break-in spree that stretched across Columbia Tuesday night.

West Marion and East Marion both picked up big blowout victories, while Columbia Academy was on the receiving end in its showdown with West. 

Trojans cruise against CA

Three candidates on the Nov. 6 ballot made their cases at the Marion County Democratic Executive Committee’s “Beans and Greens” dinner Saturday night.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth in the Columbia School District, be prepared to pay more.

Ice cream in the city schools is going up from 50 cents to 75 cents.

Adventures In Eating: Cheese, part 2: Developing your palette


Last week we discussed a number of facts about one of the oldest foods created and eaten on this planet. I related a story about Mr. Ed Edelman of The Ideal Cheese Shop in New York. Out of curiosity, I emailed The Ideal Cheese Shop. The reply to my email said that Mr. Edelman was living happily and healthily in Florida.

Cheese: A short primer


As early as 1500 BC, cheese was an established food. The Romans were very adept at making many different kinds of cheese. It is said that more than 600 kinds of Cheddar cheese are made in Britain alone. General, and later president of France, Charles de Gaulle said in 1962, “How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?”



Edith W. McMurray

96, Columbia


West Marion and East Marion both picked up big blowout victories, while Columbia Academy was on... READ MORE


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Public Notices

The following land transactions were listed as completed in the Marion County Chancery... READ MORE