Business Feature: St. Luke Home Health & Hospice


An established home health and hospice provider has opened a new location right here in Columbia.

Since 2002, St. Luke Home Health & Hospice has provided its patients with high quality, in-home service and opened its doors in January at 518 South High School Ave.

Whether a patient has received a new diagnosis such as diabetes or has suffered a stroke and needs to be taught how to manage it or needs end-of-life care, St. Luke is capable of providing directed care.

“We’re trying to get them back to where they were before they had the event that caused the need for home health,” Hospice Director Michelle McGuffee said. “We’re able to offer not only nursing services but physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy if needed. With home health we’re trying to improve their function.”

St. Luke added hospice services in 2013 because its patients expressed a desire to remain under the company’s care. 

“Hospice services are for end-of-life care, palliative care and comfort care. We started it because what we found is we had patients on our home health services that when it came time for them to go to hospice or qualified for hospice, they didn’t want to go to another agency,” McGuffee said. “They loved our agency so it was kind of a natural transition.”

McGuffee added that St. Luke’s hospice service provides patients with pain and symptom management whether they have nausea, shortness of breath, seizures or any other health need.

Account executive Carla Kyzar said her mom was in hospice care in 2006, and it helped her understand how important it is, which is why she wanted to join St. Luke.

“The patient really gets great care,” she said. “If need be, we can come out and see that patient every day.”

Hospice is a Medicare and Medicaid benefit, and patients will never receive a bill for the services, according to McGuffee.

“We’re able to manage all of those things in the home setting because patients at that time of their life want to be in their home,” she said.

McGuffee said St. Luke’s staff goes through a highly vetted process to be employed, and they hunt the best of the best.

“We have the most wonderful, caring, loving and compassionate staff there is,” she said. “We are very selective with our hiring process to make sure that we have those employees that are going to treat their patients like their own family.”

There are several ways patients can get in touch with and receive care from St. Luke Home Health & Hospice. Patients can receive referrals from their physicians or any medical facility, family members can inquire about its services or patients can contact it directly.

If a family or patient is interested in the type of services and quality provided, St. Luke does in-home information visits.

St. Luke Home Health & Hospice’s Columbia branch can be contacted at (601) 960-0894, its home health line at 877-259-4912 and hospice at 877-258-0304. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., but the home health and hospice lines can be reached 24/7.

“Patients have access to a registered nurse 24/7. They can call any time,” McGuffee said.

Kyzar said she can be reached any time as well at (601) 441-9724.

St. Luke also has offices in McComb, Liberty, Hattiesburg, Monticello and is opening one in Brookhaven soon.

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