County mulls health insurance bids


The Marion County Board of Supervisors will be making a decision about health insurance for county employees after receiving three quotes recently.

Four different agencies submitted prices, but only three submitted quotes:  Southern Insurance Group, Nick Floyd & Associates (which is the current provider) and Allstate.

The board is expected to choose a plan at the meeting the first week of April. The new policy will kick in May 1.

For the bridge plan and benefits in 2019, the county paid Employee Benefit Services $367,000. For UnitedHealth Care in 2019, it paid $1,185,000 based on an average of 165 full-time employees. The county pays for the employee’s costs, and if the employee wants coverage for their spouse/child/family then the employee pays the extra amount for that coverage.

Board President Tony Morgan said two board members are leaning in one direction on the bids and two are leaning in another direction; however, Morgan said in the end it will all be good.

Nick Floyd & Associates currently provides the health insurance for the county employees at the following monthly rates:

Employee $737.93

Employee/Spouse $1,513.06

Employee/Child $1,341.44

Employee/Family $1,825.07

For the new quotes, each quote includes bridge insurance, which covers the gap on the deductibles. The deductible for Southern Insurance Group is $250.

For both plans submitted by Nick Floyd & Associates and for Allstate the deductible is $500.

Each of the proposals have similar vision and dental coverage. Out-of-pocket expenses have both plans by Nick Floyd & Associates and Allstate at $4,150, while Southern Insurance Group at $4,400.

Broken down into how much plans will costs, the amounts below represent the entire price including what portion the county pays:

Employee only:

Southern Insurance Group, $773.90

Nick Floyd & Associates, $797.56 or $857.56 (quoted two plans)

Allstate, $671.59


Southern Insurance, $1,631.16

Nick Floyd, $1,643.98/$1,693.98

All State, $1,474.69


Southern Insurance, $1,441.69

Nick Floyd, $1,454.51/$1,504.51

Allstate, $1,273.52


Southern Insurance, $1,975.65

Nick Floyd, $1,988.47/$2,038.47

Allstate, $1,840.23

The difference in the two plans of Nick Floyd & Associates is the second plan offers a prescription reimbursement of $100. 

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