Is your job essential? Most likely

Gov. Tate Reeves' executive order Tuesday deemed these industries as "essential" during the coronavirus outbreak:

  • First responders and public safety officials, including law enforcement, firefighters, court personnel, military, corrections, probation and parole officers, child protection workers, EMTs and 911 call center employees.
  • Health care workers in almost all capacities
  • Utility workers and others essential to infrastructure, also including car sales and repairs, taxi and Uber drivers and hotel employees
  • Manufacturers in a broad range of areas
  • Agriculture and farm workers, which also includes gas and diesel suppliers, forest product businesses, vets, meat processors and other industries that support agriculture.
  • Supermarkets, gas stations and hardware stores
  • Trash collection, mail and shipping services, home repair, automotive repairs, warehouses and laundromats
  • Media, including newspapers, digital news sites, television and radio
  • Education, including public and private K-12 schools and colleges and universities
  • Financial services including banks, insurance and accounting
  • Professional services including legal, accounting, insurance and real estate
  • Nonprofits that provide services like food banks, homeless shelters and foster care
  • Construction and related fields, including HVAC repair, painters, plumbers and electricians
  • Defense industry workers, including military personnel and subcontractors
  • Vendors that provide logistics and technology support
  • Religious entities
  • Cybersecurity workers
  • Others categories as may be deemed essential by the state Health Department, Emergency Management Agency or other state agencies. 

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