High cost of freedom

Honduran authorities say a television journalist was shot to death last week shortly after leaving his station. Security spokesman Jair Meza Barahona says that José Arita was killed after leaving Channel 12 in the north coast city of Puerto Cortes.

If newspapers go, so does U.S. freedom

The unprecedented success of the United States, sustained for more than 243 years, certainly has many causes. For one, a people who believe in freedom, equality and following the law is crucial. Without a populace who respects those ideals, any rules the government makes to try to promote them aren’t going to work in the long run.

Newspaper ads boosted judge


There are many aspects of the 2018 midterms in Mississippi that will be examined and discussed.

One fact I do know is that most the winners in the election campaigns placed ads in newspapers. For example, Kiley Kirk, running for the Chancery Judge Place 2 Post, placed ads and won this position.