Annexation opponents show moxie


I may be short, but I have a big mouth. And it usually gets me in a lot of trouble. I am not talking about spilling secrets. That is a no-no. If you trust me with a secret, I hold that trust very dearly and will protect the secret so no my big mouth does not get in trouble that way.

I am bad about standing up, despite my short stature, for someone or something.

More than once I have stood up for people who I feel are being mistreated, and let me tell you I end up in hot water. Of course the ones I stood up for appreciate it, but it causes me to feel the heat.

Honestly, though, I do not mind taking the heat or the butt chewing or whatever the case may be because I feel like I did what was right and brought to light something needed to be seen. I’m sure there have been times when I should have handled things differently but what mattered was an injustice was brought to light and now could be rectified.

Making a stand is important when you believe in something very strongly and it takes a lot of courage.

It is something you have to go into realizing you may not win and there are repercussions. Yes, I have felt them and in some cases have been extremely hurt by them but taking the stand was worth it.

What made me think of this is a group of people who are right now taking a stand. I am not saying they are right or wrong, but they are taking the courage to make a stand against the proposed annexation of Columbia.

Now don’t get me wrong, when it comes to the annexation I do not have a dog in the fight so to speak other than reporting what is happening with it. I live in the Cheraw/New Hope area and unless something unexpectedly changes by the time the annexation matter is settled I most likely will still be living in the Cheraw/New Hope area.

Fighting for a cause such as this takes a lot of risks. Homeowners and business owners worry about repercussions as well as the financial costs. This also takes up a lot of time researching and contacting people to get on board.

This is more than just a onetime saying “I object!” It is a real fight and to the people fighting it is their livelihood.

With that said I see points on both sides for and against annexation. I can understand why the city wants to do it, but I can also see why the people do not want to be annexed.

I attended the annexation opposition meeting this week, and there were some people there who were ready to take that stand and ready to fight. I applaud their determination for standing up.

Throughout history people have made a stand for both good and bad, and while the results may not have been what was hoped for, they could go to bed at night because they did make a stand for what they firmly believed was right.

Too many times we see situations in our lives where we feel like there is no use in fighting; we instead just grin and bear it and move on knowing there wasn’t a likely chance of changing things.

For the group who are opposing the annexation, they have chosen this time to stand up and fight. I do not know if they will succeed or not, but I do know they are going to give it their best shot.

In the end that is all they can do just like in any situation.

Again, I am neither for nor against the annexation and I don’t want to take sides. As I have previously stated, I see valid points on both sides.

However, there is a group of people who are willing to make a stand, right or wrong, and those people should be respected. They found the courage, came forward and are now ready to fight.

Susan Amundson is the managing editor of The Columbian-Progress. She may be reached at (601) 736-2611 or