Porter served on amphibious ships


Glyn Belton Porter has lived a life of adventure, including when he served in World War II in the U.S. Navy. Porter was on the Landing Ship Mediums 421 and 270, which were amphibious assault ships that transported troops and equipment to the shores.

One of the jobs on the ships he had was a barber. A job which, according to his son Tom Porter, he wasn’t very good at.

“He quit cutting my hair at 10,” Tom Porter quipped.

Glyn Porter, who is 100 years young and lives in the Veterans Home in Collins, was not one to share a lot about his time in the service, but his daughter, Lynn English, shared this story:

“He was on a ship in the Pacific. A rope became entangled in the ship’s propeller, which kept the ship from moving. He was ordered to dive into the water to try to remove the rope. A rope was tied to him before he went in the water. The swells in the ocean were making it a difficult endeavor to get under the ship. After many tries, he finally got the propeller free from the rope.

“However, while he was underwater he noticed those on the ship were shooting into the water. He jerked on the rope tied to him and he was pulled from the water hard and fast. He asked why they were shooting in the water. He was advised they were shooting to keep the sharks away.”

Porter was married to his wife, Julia Nell Cook Porter, for 71 years before she died in April 2018. Together they had five children, Tom, the late Glyn Jr., Gail, Gloria and Lynn.

At a birthday celebration for his 100th birthday in October (during which Glyn Porter even took a flight, one of his many hobbies) his son Tom said, “He has been blessed and able to pack in a lot of life.” 

Pictured Above: Glyn Belton Porter is pictured in the back row, fourth from the right, during World War II at a Navy training base in Virginia. Porter spent his time working on landing ship mediums, which carried troops and equipment to and from the shore. 

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