Downtown Halloween a big hit

Zigzagging lines stretched more than the length of a city block on Main Street Tuesday night as trunk-or-eaters came out in droves.

Downtown businesses are to be commended for putting on the event themselves. It was a fun time for families and seemed to go off without a hitch.

Right to block caravan's entry

The Wall Street Journal pointed out an interesting fact about the response to the migrant caravan slowly moving toward the United States from Honduras: The 5,200 troops set to be deployed there in the next several weeks plus the 2,000 National Guardsmen already there means there will be more of a military footprint at the border than is current

Americans are dying of despair

A U.S. senator from Nebraska has a new book that makes two important and compelling arguments.

First, even though Americans are wealthier, more informed and better connected than ever before, too many are lonely — meaning unhappier, more isolated and less fulfilled.


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