Iran learns the hard way

Whatever economic toll Mississippi and the United States suffer from shutting down businesses to prevent spread of the coronavirus, Iran’s example shows that it’s better than the alternative of letting the disease ride roughshod over an untreated population.

Buy local gift cards

While the public waits for the number of coronavirus cases to peak and eventually start decreasing, it is clear that many of us will have more time on their hands than usual. Here’s a gentle suggestion to  fill a bit of that empty space.

Columbia will overcome this

In the past three months, Marion County has been hit by a tornado that destroyed several businesses and has battled flood waters from the Pearl River that inundated many homes. Yet there was no panic, but rather a calm, prepared response to overcome those obstacles and return to normal life as soon as possible.

Biden’s not really a moderate

In what has quickly and somewhat unexpectedly boiled down to a two-man race for the Democratic presidential nomination, the convenient characterization is to say Joe Biden is the moderate while Bernie Sanders is the leftward extremist.

That depiction is true for Sanders, but maybe not so true — or at least not so far — for Biden.


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