Congratulate teachers of year

Congratulations to the educators in Columbia and Marion County who were recognized this week as the teachers of the year at their respective schools. A good teacher makes all the difference in the world on how much their students learn — and ultimately how much their community prospers.

High cost of freedom

Honduran authorities say a television journalist was shot to death last week shortly after leaving his station. Security spokesman Jair Meza Barahona says that José Arita was killed after leaving Channel 12 in the north coast city of Puerto Cortes.

Hell raisers and apologists


I used to have a framed copy of this quote on my office wall: “It’s a newspaper’s duty to print the news and raise hell.”

To tell the truth, I never did hold  much to the belief that a newspaper should deliberately raise a lot of hell, but sometimes printing the unvarnished news does just that.


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