Red Bluff needs to be developed

We don’t judge the masses who have gathered at Red Bluff near Morgantown in recent days. After weeks of being cooped up at home, people need time outdoors for their mental and physical health.

The threat of spreading the coronavirus is far less outdoors than indoors because it can’t survive long outside.

Legislature holds constitutional mandate to appropriate money


Since COVID-19 forced a temporary recess in the legislative session, I have been video conferencing with Mississippi’s K-12 students.  In one recent AP government class, a student asked: How many constitutional rights do we have to give up during a pandemic?

That’s a poignant question for any state leader.

Cities facing layoff choices

Columbia and many cities like it in Mississippi will soon be facing the difficult decisions that private businesses in their communities have already grappled with.

That's because there's a two-month lag between when sales are made in stores and when municipalities receive their cut of the sales tax.


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