Gardening offers flower, fruit, vegetable options


STARKVILLE, Miss. -- Interest in gardening has nearly kept pace with social distancing and self-isolation rates across the country as the COVID-19 pandemic has circled the globe.

While nothing seems simpler than taking a plant out of a pot and putting it into a hole in the soil, true garden success requires much more than that.

The dangers of mowing too low

Spring marks the return of many things. Trees and flowers begin to bloom again in spring, while warmer temperatures are welcomed back with open arms. Grass also begins to grow again in the spring. That means it’s not too long before homeowners have to dust off their lawn mowers and get to work.

Columbia helps out

The struggles with the coronavirus have also brought out some of the best in Columbia and Marion County. Local groups responded to the tornados Sunday in nearby Jeff Davis and Lawrence counties, and groups have donated to neighbors as part of “Helping Hands.” Such actions are a reminder that we will make it through this situation together.

For now, stay the course

If you are driving from Mississippi to Louisiana on Interstate 55, stay in your car when you get to Interstate 10. Nine parishes from Baton Rouge to the Gulf of Mexico are among the 25 counties with the highest death rates from the coronavirus.


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