Guard pay must rise

At the risk of irking Mississippi’s schoolteachers, we pose this question: If there is not enough money in the state treasury to both raise the pay of teachers and raise the pay of prison guards, which is more important right now?

We’d say the latter.

We can beat rising temps

It is annoying when some people complain that cattle are a huge contributor to global warming because of their methane “emissions.” Of course, that observation usually leads to the call for people to reduce or eliminate their beef consumption, which would mean the world would need less cattle and the planet would thus be saved.

The man who may have saved your life

A great American died recently, one whom most of us have never heard of but whose work may have saved our lives or the lives of those near to us.

Dr. John B. Robbins developed a vaccine against Hib meningitis that some estimate has saved 7 million lives since it was licensed in 1989, according to an obituary in the New York Times.

How Facebook swindled us all

IIf you think Facebook is all your business or organization needs for its marketing, consider this. You’ll recall in the social media company’s early days that it pushed all businesses to have people like their pages. Initially that led to a lot of free publicity between firms and their “likers.”


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