Land Transactions: December 29, 2018


The following land transactions were listed as completed in the Marion County Chancery Clerk’s Office during the week of Dec. 17:


Dec. 17

• Cable South Media III LLC to Uniti Leasing XI LLC for property.

• Coy Holman, Syble Holman, Larry B. Holman and Wendy Franks to Janice L. Sears, Lefty Cochran and Rose Cochran for property.

• Rachel Fortenberry to Eric Peter Daigle and Kathleen L. Daigle for property.

• Griffith Mineral Trust and Kenneth M. Rayburn to Griffith Road LLC for property.

• John Rawls to HL&C Marion for property.

• Manuel Flores to HL&C Marion for property.

• 624 Main LLC to Main 624 LLC for property.

• Linda Robin to H.A. Stringer Investments for property.

• David Joseph Rodrigue and Marcelle Loumiet Rodrigue to Southern Cross Tree Farm LLC for property.

• Stanley Rowley and Jimmy C. Rowley to Shirley P. Rowley, Jimmy C. Rowley, Simon Chadwick Rowley and Casey Layne Rowley for property.


Dec. 18

• Brenda B. Stringer to Brenda B. Stringer and Wendi Carroll Bourne for property.

• Brenda B. Stringer and Wendi Carroll Bourne to Christopher D. Hobgood and Laura R. Hobgood for property.

• Mary Naomi Boleware Warden and Tony L. Warden to William C. Kirkland II for property.

• Christopher Crawford, Marshall Pittman and Kimberly Pittman to Marshall and Kimberly Pittman for property.

• Brenda B. Stringer to Christopher Hobgood and Laura R. Hobgood for property.


Dec. 19

• Burley C. Bedwell and Ruby Bedwell to Lance Adam Poirier and Caroline Poirier for property.

• Cary V. Hartfield Testamentary Trust, Rick D. Hartfield Trustee to Doug Hammond LLC for property.

• Susan Alleman Lefort to H.A. Stringer Investments LLC for property.


Dec. 20

• Richard Wyatt Simmons, Green Helps LLC, Wronal Simmons, Susan S. Freeman Trustee, Thomas E. Freeman Trustee, Susan S. Freeman Family Trust to Susan Simmons Freeman and Fite Farms LLC for property.

• Sabrina Nicole Fortenberry and Greg Fortenberry to Sabrina Nicole Fortenberry, Greg Fortenberry and Lorraine King for property.

• Reta A. Sandifer and Eddie N. Sandifer to Reta A. Sandifer and Eddie N. Sandifer for property.

• Jay R. Turnage Jr. and Marinel M. Turnage to Veterans Home Purchased Board for property.


Dec. 21

• Shirley Carrier Pittman, Larry Mondez Stafford, Donald Wayne Stafford, Ronald Dwain Stafford, Charlotte Stafford Cleland and Elbert Ray Stafford to Ronald Dwain Stafford and Pamela Seal Stafford for property.

• Evelyn Pittman to Matthew Robinson Tice and Deidre Celeste Tice for property.